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Our E-Newsletter includes tips and tricks on better email communication. We encourage you to forward this to your colleagues. Your feedback is important to us - we would love to address your questions and comments in future editions of this E-Newsletter.

From Wilted to Wonderful. Take your Newsletter from Limp to Lush

Pepsi Chose Viral Marketing Over Superbowl Ads

April Showers

Facebook Knockdown

Baby New Year

Camp Auntie Fish 2009

Brainwashing Made Easy

The Power of Chocolate

I'm a Peeping Tom. Ask Good Questions. Dig Deeper. 2008

Sheep: Which is More Important? Courting or Closing the Deal?

Soccer Story: When it's Time to Call in a Sub

The Disney Data is in!

Trust and Test

Viral Marketing: Good Stories are Infectuous

How NOT to Grow Your List

Sock Sorting Sisters

Dancing Diva Dishes

Thin Mints: Repackage your Services to Sell to Different Markets 2007

How to Get Your Customers(and Your Husband) to Remember You

E-Newsletters Should be Sandwiches of Compliments - not Complaints

No Whining. No Dining. No Complaining in E-Newsletters

Let's go to Paris

Make it Simple Make it Seasonal 2006

Thanksgiving Cards in E-Newsletters

Menu Choices and Marketing

Karate and Categories

What Can we Learn From SPAM?

Intelligent Women, Building Friendships Through E-Newsletters

Grow your List by Giving Gifts

How to Grow Your List Organically

80/20 Rule for Promos

I Can Fix Anything

What on Earth Will You Write About?

It's About the WHO! it's Not About You

When is it SAFE to Open that Email? Who's it FROM?

Use Better Email SUBJECTS 101 2005

It was just the kick in the pants I needed.
—Rosie White

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