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  November 2005 - Vol 1. Issue 2

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When is it Safe to Open that Email?
who's it From?

When someone knocks on the door to your home, how do you decide if you should open it?

  • Do you know the person?
  • What do they look like?
  • Are they easily identifiable?

The same is true with Email. The person knocking at your computer's email door wears a special ID card called the FROM field. It tells you who is at your door. It tells you friend or foe, colleague or competition. The FROM field tells you whether or not its a trusted source. And most importantly, whether or not it's safe to open it.

The FROM field is the single most important component of your Email or E- Newsletter. It's the gatekeeper.

If you receive an email from your sister, you open it. If you receive an email from a name that you don't recognize, say an office administrator instead of your sales rep., you probably won't open it. If you get an email from a generic account name like "sales@impersonal.com" marketing studies show that you will probably not open it.

Create emails from YOU.

The FROM field is the "key" to your success.

I can see doors opening already!



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