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ENews Jewels
November 2006 - Vol 2. Issue 11


Thanksgiving dinner served at Hanscom airforce baseThanksgiving Cards

Stand out from the crowd by touching your clients on Turkey Day

Last year I received a great collection of holiday greeting cards right around Christmas and Hanukah. However, I also received a handful of greetings at Thanksgiving - expressing gratitude and appreciation. I must say that I remember that short list of people and companies that sent me the Thanksgiving cards. They really made a big impression on me. They stood out in the crowd. Maybe it's a little too late for you to send out gratitude cards for this year, but what I want you think about it is how you can:

1) Express that sentiment - whether it's in writing, electronically, over the phone or in person.

2) Acknowledge the gratitude in all you do.

I love this time of the year, the colors of fall have passed and our thoughts are turned inward. We think of family and all the things we value. I am particularly reminded about all those people that have helped me and contributed to my joy and well being. There are so many people who touched me and continue to make a huge impression through their actions, their words and their examples. It's difficult to list only a few names here. I do want you all to know that I am thinking about you and the gifts you have given to me.

However, I do want to take this chance to express my sincere thanks to Joan Turnberg of Live-Life-Well, Maureen Sullivan - Bedford Chamber of Commerce, Terry Wilson-Malam - Wilson-Malam Coaching, Susanna Natti - Rotary Club of Bedford, Nasser Mobarak- Marriot Hotels, Kathy and Louis Emond - Strategic Directions, John Peterson - Arakalian Real Estate and Billerica Rotary, Ralph Hammond, Robert Isenberg, Paul and Virginia Friesen, my clients, Tom Pinney and my girls. I am also grateful for Toastmasters, teachers, neighbors, karate, Rotary and girl scouts. I am truly blessed.

The photo is from a Thanksgiving buffet at Hanscom airforce base offered to all enlisted people and served by Concord and Bedford Rotarians.


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