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  December 2005 - Vol 1. Issue 3

Promote and Grow Your Business

It's About the WHO, It's Not about YOU!

Let me tell you one of the most important things I tell my clients.

It’s about the WHO.

I hate to say it, it’s not about you.

Imagine for a moment that you are the reader of this E-Newsletter. If I told you about how I just added three new employees, would you care? Would you keep on reading? If I told you that our gift shop just added 13 new kinds of exquisitely creamy chocolate truffles from Lindt including hazelnut, mint, white, dark, peanut butter would you be intrigued? Would you like more information about how you could get them delivered to your doorstep?

If I told you that I just attended a training class, would you care? Would you keep on reading this E- Newsletter? If I told you that I can now create a website that will be ranked #1 on Google, would you be interested? Would you send me an email or call me right away?

The most important thing you can do in your E- Newsletters is to present information that is both interesting and meaningful to your readers. Your recipients are the Who. They are why you're doing this. They are important people in your business life. Some people might say they are the most important people in your business life. You will show respect for that relationship if you speak to them as individuals and professionals. Speak to them in a voice that shows that you are there for them not just to brag about your company.

It’s about the WHO. It’s not about you!



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