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ENews Jewels

May 2007 - Vol 3. Issue 5

No Whining. No Dining.

Is whining the way to more business?

That's the rule at my house. If you whine, moan or complain about what's being served for dinner, then you are asked to leave the kitchen table. You may return when everyone else has finished.

The idea is simple. Be civil. Use your talking words. Express things in a positive way. You can let someone know that it's not your favorite food without having a hissy fit. What we try to teach our kids is that whining does not get you attention and it certainly does not get you dinner.

"There's way too much complaining in the world," said Will Bowen a 47-year old clergyman. Will Bowen, did not say that publicly about our house - but there are days when he could have. Bowen recognized the patterns that many of us fall into at dinner and throughout the day. And now, he's taking matters into his own hands. Not just at the dinner table - but across the board 24/7. He challenged his flock at the Christ Church Unity in Kansas City Missouri to start looking on the brighter side - for 21 days straight. He handed out purple plastic bracelets (like the Live-strong ones) to remind them to be positive.

He discovered it was pretty darn hard to do. He "broke three bracelets" over four months, mostly dealing with complaints about the church, before hitting the three week mark.

A participant said:

"I first learned about the 21 days of no complaint a few years ago. For me, the process was so easy I kept it up. Now, if I even think of a complaint, it is painful. I have not been physically ill for these years. I am almost debt free, just the mortgage. It is very simple really, look for the blessings in every situation and respond with love.
Your miracles await you."

People who just started wearing the bracelet said:

"I think this is a great idea, I can already see the changes in people who just ordered the bracelet."

"I don't think my complaints were petty, but neither were they helpful. How much more productive will I be when I am stifling complaints or finding more helpful ways to express myself? I can't wait to find out! Thank you for a wonderful idea."

Why 21 days?

Scientists believe it takes 21 days to form a new habit. And since complaining is habitual for most of us, they say you have to stick with it through the whole trial for it to take hold. Some people say that "kvetching is just part of our makeup." I have certainly seen my share of complaining in newsletters. I turn them "off" right away. But this makes me wonder:

Can kids and companies have something in common?

I can't answer that for you, but here's the deal for my clients. I enforce a strict "No Whining Policy". If my customers or colleagues whine, then they can leave our lunch meeting and come back when I'm finished.* Who wants to hear complaining in person or in a newsletter? Not me! Whether we're talking about poor wait service or a terrible traveling experience, I say get over it and get positive. Or as my husband likes to say: in his oh so sweet and gentle way: S.I.U. and M.O.

The message needs to be more positive than painful. Inspire don't impale.

It's the law of the universe. You will attract what you put out there. You get what you give. Spend your time talking about the negative and you will get more of that. Instead, focus your time and energy on the positive and you will reap the rewards in both the kitchen and with your customers.

If you would like to learn more about getting free purple bracelets and getting positive, visit

No whining. No dining.

**I haven't had to make someone leave the lunch table in a long time! I think I'm attracting the right kinds of clients.


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