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  December 2005 - Vol 1. Issue 3

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What on Earth Should I Write About?

My clients are wonderful people. I could talk with them for hours about their businesses. They are a wealth of information from fitness to finance, health to hospitality, coaching to community projects. They do great things and I particularly love asking them about what they’re doing (and of course I love hearing the answers!)

It does make me laugh though. Even after these long conversations, they still say things to me like: “I know I should sit down and write my E-Newsletter, but what will I write about this month? Coming up with the content is such a chore.” I want to shake them. The information is all right there inside their heads. If I shake them, maybe it will come out.

After I shake them, all I have to do is ask the right questions. Here's what I ask them:

* What 3 questions are your customers and prospects always asking you about?
* What are the top 3 things that they need your help with?

The answers to these questions should be enough content to fill at least three
E-Newsletters (and many more if you are creative in breaking them up in to small chunks!) I assure them (and you) that the information is all right there. They (and you) are experts. I’m sure you know more than I do! You know what your client’s biggest problems are. And you know how to help.

It’s all in your head (or on the floor in front of you if I shook you). And while I don’t recommend regularly shaking your customers, sometimes it can be kind of fun.



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