Spirit Earth
Healing Times
January 2005


Happy New Year! Spirit Earth is thrilled to offer a number of new and exciting events beginning this year. Our website is almost ready and we are focused on educating people about the benefits of energy healing. We are also partnering with other gifted healers and presenters to bring you a broad range of holistic opportunities. I hope you join us in expanding your awareness and healing your body, mind and spirit. Namaste! Sandra

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  • Welcome to Spirit Earth!
  • The Gift of Giving
  • Pranic Healing Walk-in Clinics
  • Angelic Healing Course January 15th

  • The Gift of Giving

    As we make our way in the world, we are so often caught up in how others perceive us. Do we make enough money, have enough education, present the right look, own the most coveted toys? Our own insecurities pressure us to do more, work more, and buy more.

    Pranic Healing Walk-in Clinics

    Pranic healing is a highly developed and tested system of no-touch Energy Healing. Healers may use their hands or specialized healing crystals to direct prana - chi- to cleanse, balance & harmonize your body's energy. Come to this walk-in clinic if you would like to try a new form of healing or pain relief and are open to receive it. First come, first served.

    Angelic Healing Course January 15th

    In this workshop you will access the love and healing power of the Angels. You will learn how to use the energy vibrations of the alphabet and the color energies of the rainbow to create an empowering healing experience for yourself and others. Each letter will come alive with its own vibration. Your voice, DNA and light body will be activated by twelve rainbow energies. Once attuned to this multidimensional healing modality, each word you speak, think or say will take on new meaning and have its own ability to make this world a better place. This class will provide you with Level I Certification.

    Angelic Healing Level I with Teri Jessen.
    Saturday, January 15, 2005, 10 am -4 pm

    Cost $150


    Welcome to Spirit Earth!

    Spirit Earth Reiki & Energy Healing is a healing center founded in 2004 by Sandra Hurlbut. As we enter our second year in business, we are excited by all the new possibilities unfolding around us. 2005 promises to be an auspicous year of healing!

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