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October 2004

A Note from Sherrill

This edition marks the relaunch of "The NEW MEANS News," the monthly e-newsletter of New Means Financial Planning. My goal is to deliver to you a wealth of information (pun intended!) via articles, tips, statistics, recommended resources, and more.

I'm particularly excited about the "An$wer of the Month" feature, in which I will answer questions submitted by you, the reader, in a concise Q & A format similar to the book Just Give Me the Answer$, a one-stop personal financial planning resource recently released by the Garrett Planning Network.

So submit your question, send feedback, or just drop me a line. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

  • Got goals?
  • An$wer of the Month
  • Article: "Insurance for Young Adults"
  • Numbers of Note

  • An$wer of the Month

    Q. Should I keep my old 401k or roll it over?

    A. Every year millions of workers who are either retiring or changing jobs struggle with a difficult decision regarding their old employer's 401(k) or similar defined-contribution retirement plan.

    Article: "Insurance for Young Adults"

    You've recently graduated from high school or college, or just finished a brief stint in the military. For the first time, you're truly on your own. Having adequate insurance coverage is undoubtedly not uppermost on your mind.

    Numbers of Note

    Some interesting statistics...

    70 -- Percent of eligible employees who participate in 401k plan
    45 -- Percent of 20- to 29-year-olds who participate
    42 -- Percent of departing employees who cash out 401k
    17 -- Percent who rebalanced their 401k in 2003

    (Source: Hewitt Associates)

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